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Blue non woven tack cloth for intermediate use for basecoat application.

White tack cloth made from 100% bleached cotton gauze for removal of dust particles from the car surface prior to painting.

Textured tack cloth with large surface cotton gauze for efficient dust removal and for more convenient usage.

Non woven wipe made of 100% polypropylene, 70gsm.

One usage disposable paint strainers for quick and safe filtering of paints and clear coats.

High quality plastic cups for mixing and storage of all paint materials.

Thanks to the special shape, Etalon paint mixing sticks allow to scrub clean all the paint from the can’s walls.

A unique “Touch-up” plastic bottle 2 in 1 with a brush, a pen needle and an airtight lid.

Touch up tips ideal for the retention and dust removal, as well as for placing and removing paints.

Pressure sprayer 1L for cleaners and degreasers.

Floor filter manufactured from non-woven glass fibers to arrest paint overspray from the air leaving the spraybooth.

Spraybooth ceiling filter with tacky impregnation for collection of fine dust, ensuring clean paint jobs.

Booth Masking Film is a 5+1 layer film designed to protect internal sides of spray booths from overspray and dirt.

Applicable to the inner walls of the paint booth, creates clear tacky film which protects from dust and overspray.

Silicon-free, antistatic, 100% polyester jackets, with hood and extra strong zipper.

Half mask A1P2 set made from soft silicon for increased comfort and reduced heat and perspiration.

Set of gravity filters 230μm.

Dry guide coat to reveal surface defects.

Special rubber disc to strip away residues of double-sided tape, decal and molding adhesive.

Backing pads with 14+1 holes for all types of 150mm abrasive discs for aggressive and fine sanding.

Soft multihole intermediate pad 150 mm for fine sanding.

Special pad with Velcro for daisy discs for spot repair. Diameter 35mm.

Hand block for Velcro 150 mm discs.

Velcro system flexible hand block for abrasive strips, ideal for sanding of large surfaces, slightly curved.

Velcro system hand blocks for velcro strips.

Complete set of 6 abrasive sanding blocks.

Etalon Electric dual action polishing machine with random orbital movement 12mm or 15mm, protects the painted surface from overheating.

Variable speed 700-2500 RPM, built-in load sensing control module to offer a constant output speed.