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Fine nitro-based 1K finishing putty.

Premium universal lightweight filler.

Universal medium-grained body filler.

Etalon fine body filler designed for finishing jobs, allows easy sanding by hand or machine.

Polyester, fiberglass body filler with unique filling properties

Plastic body filler for filling and spot-repair.

Chromate free versatile epoxy primer with anticorrosive protection for automotive, marine and industrial use.

2K acrylic primer 4:1 with good filling properties and easy sanding.

High solids, 2K acrylic primer 5:1 with excellent filling properties and easy application.

Etalon plastic primer provides excellent adhesion for all kinds of plastics, such as bumpers, mirrors and spoilers.

Economic acrylic clearcoat with high gloss retention.

Versatile acrylic clearcoat with high gloss.

Acrylic high solids fast drying clearcoat.

2K protective PU-based coating with high resistance to mechanical and chemical impact.

Full range of pure acrylic thinners suitable for dilution of acrylic based clearcoats, primers and base coats.

High quality degreaser/panel wipe for cleaning and degreasing surfaces prior to painting.

Quick drying black matt spray.

Structure bumper black spray quick drying. 

Quick drying, transparent acrylic clearcoat spray for finishing on spot repair jobs.

Epoxy Primer with excellent anticorrosion properties and very good insulation from moisture, perfect for spot repairs.

Best selling filling primer grey spray, quick drying and easy to sand.