Modern technologies of cutting sheet metal and metal plates are inherently connected with thermal methods, to which plasma cutting belongs.
Manufacturer: PATON


 The inverter-rectifier unit CUT-40S DC is designed for air plasma cutting of metals at currents of up to 40 A. The unit pertains to the STANDARD series, which is intended for users requiring a compact welding unit and an optimal ratio between the portability and functional characteristics of a welding unit operating at the rated current.



The weight of the unit does not exceed 8.0 kg. The operating load factor is not less than 60 %. The welding current control range is from 2 A through 40 A. The unit contains a module for protection against power supply overvoltage and undervoltage
The function of contactless arc starting and the availability of a pilot arc significantly facilitate the most complex part of the air plasma cutting process at the instant when the main cutting plasma stream is formed, and the unit changes to a steady state operation.
Due to the increased frequency of the input voltage of the rectifier transformer of the welding unit, the weight and overall dimensions of the transformer are significantly reduced as compared with standard welding units with similar characteristics.




  • The air plasma cutting unit with a power cable 3 m in length
  • The operation manual
  • The shoulder-carry belt
  • The plasma torch
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with a grounding clamp
  • The plastic case



  • Additionally to protection against power supply voltage surges, the unit is protected against excessive long-time fluctuations of power supply voltage and ensures welding arc stabilization when the input voltage of the unit changes in the range 170 ... 260 V.
  • The welding unit is rated for operation from a common power supply system. Due to the high efficiency coefficient of the unit, the power consumed by the unit is reduced by 50 % as compared with standard welding units.
  • The rotation frequency of the cooling ventilator of the unit can be automatically  controlled depending on the temperature inside the unit. This feature allows the service life of the ventilator and its driving motor to be increased and, additionally, dust content inside the unit to be reduced.
  • Operating convenience due to the high operating load factor in welding at the rated current.
  • The enhanced reliability of the welding unit in operation in dusty environment.
  • The welding unit contains an electronic thermal protection module for protecting all the heat-generating components of the welding unit against overheating.
  • Smooth control of welding current.



Parameter Parameter value
Rated power supply voltage, 50 Hz (V) 220
Rated consumed current (A) 20.5
Rated cutting current (A) 40
Operating load factor 60%/40 А 100%/30 А
Power supply voltage range (V) 190 ... 260
Cutting current control range (A) 2 ... 40
Maximum thickness of metal in cutting (mm) 8
Operating compressed air pressure range (kPa) 0.4 ...0.5
Contactless arc starting (by an oscillator) +
Pilot arc +
Open-circuit voltage (V) Not available
Plasma ignition voltage (V) 350
Rated consumed power (kVA) 4.5
Maximum consumed power (kVA) 5.0
Efficiency coefficient (%) 90
Cooling Forced
Operating temperature range -25 оС … +45 оС
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm) 365 x 140 x 270
Weight (kg) 8.3
Protection class IP21