Sunday, October 24, 2021

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C-DII Truck & Car Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment for trucks & passenger cars, 8 CCD-Bluetooth sensors
Manufacturer: Comet

Truck & Car Wheel Alignment Comet-PRO


Truck & Car Wheel Alignment Comet-PRO





  • Wireless Bluetooth 2.4G technology, ensure good communicating junctions in 60 meters.
  • Sensor boards adopt the patch wave soldering process, CPU adopts America
  • Intelligent high-speed data acquisition technology, make sure the failure rate tends to zero.
  • European tilt angle sensors, high accuracy and quick measuring speed, sensors with function of automatic alarm and charging indication.
  • Online electronic levels to monitor level condition, accuracy achieves 0.01 degree.
  • Automatic measurement of toe and camber, professional comprehensive adjustment system.
  • Stop working after five minutes, sensors can be off automatically.
  • Max measurement length can achieve 25 meters, Max clamping size achieves 30”.
  • Special offer compensation system, reduce the effects of rim deformation on measuring results.
  • Special whole vehicle and front axle measurement system, 10 minutes to measure whole vehicle and 5 minutes to measure front axle.



  • High precision sensors 4 sets
  • Computer 1 set
  • Mobile computer cabinet 1 set
  • Alignment turn plates for truck 4 sets
  • Alignment turn plates for car 2 sets
  • Professional clamps for truck 4 sets
  • Professional clamps for car 4 sets
  • Bluetooth mode 1 set
  • Steering lock 1 set
  • Braking lock 1 set
  • Battery charger 4 sets
  • Professional software 1 set


Technical Data


Measuring System

CCD Bluetooth

Number of sensor


Power supply


Accuracy Range


Toe angle

±1‘ ±5°

Total toe angle

±1‘ ±10°


±1‘ ±60°

Kingpin caster angle

±5‘ ±40°

Kingpin inclination angle

±5‘ ±40°




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